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Strategizing Your Data Transformation
Virtual Roundtable Series

October 15 (11AM PST) | October 20 (11AM PST) | October 22 (11AM PST) | November 5 (11AM PST)
Join senior leaders in data, analytics, digital & IT to discuss the key challenges & opportunities critical to harnessing data-driven decisions

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12 Executives

1.5 Hours

Invitation Only


Those that are in the know are aware that data-driven insights will lead the way. The organizations that thrive will be the ones using data as a strategic asset to make better decisions in every aspect of operations. However, many companies not only struggle to gain such insights, they also trouble to make their data process valuable and profitable due to lack of knowledge, talent, time, and capital.

The Strategizing Your Data Transformation Virtual Roundtable Series will bring together senior enterprise leaders to network, discuss their key challenges, and learn about the unique opportunities in managing the data transformation journey.

Join us on October 15th or October 22nd at 11:00am PST/1:00pm CST where the discussion will focus on data analytics, in particular: Organizational Structure; Responsibility; Data Management Strategies; and Understanding the impact of Cloud on cost factors, workforce and operational processes.

Join us on October 20th or November 5th at 11:00am PST/1:00pm CST where the discussion will focus on data integration, in particular: Data Governance; Data Monetization;  Data Legacy vs. Next Gen; and Real-Time data and analytics challenges.

Join the conversation and hear from key innovators in this space!

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The Moderators


QLIK is partnering with us to bring you theStrategizing Your Data Transformation Virtual Roundtable Series which will see four unique executive events take place across North America.

We have chosen them as our Roundtable moderator due to their plethora of experience in supporting companies across the world with their data transformation needs. They are afforded the opportunity to discuss their expertise and their experience working with top Fortune 100 companies in developing engaging data-driven strategies.

Why Invest your Time?


The best of the best

Our digital roundtables are invitation-only meaning that you only meet, and connect with your most senior peers. 


Learn & Share

Our facilitated discussion format enables you to hear from experts on the hottest topics, as well as share your own innovation stories. 

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Time well spent

We know that time out of the office is valuable, which is why our digital roundtables are the same length as your lunch break! 


Sit back and enjoy

From the comfort of wherever you have the best Internet connection, you can meet and discuss with the US's best thought leaders.

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Best of all, in order to best bring together the brightest minds, our roundtables are completely free-of-charge to attend.

Discover the Virtual Roundtable Format

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Practical takeaways

Our roundtables are designed to ensure you go home with practical solutions to your biggest problems.

Now, more than ever is the time to connect...

We are all facing a global situation that is unprecedented. However, at Corinium Global Intelligence our belief in the power of face to face interaction hasn't changed. That is why we are bringing you this senior executive roundtable, to help you build new relationships with your peers, benchmark your strategies, and brainstorm agile and innovative ways to address challenges and opportunities during this critical time.
This isn't your typical event, this is an intimate "close-door" virtual roundtable, where in just 1.5 hours you will gather with 12 of your most senior peers and industry leaders to engage in face to face conversations, to learn together, and to leave with the insight key to your business needs.

What people are saying

  • "The CDAO Roundtable, Boston, and others like it, accomplish the hugely important goal of providing an open and professional platform for industry peers to share experience and guidance on the emergence of enterprise data science. In 90 minutes, professionals from publishing, education, health, and financial services with varying backgrounds held a very productive discussion on common challenges and opportunities, including strategies to monetize enterprise and third-party data, where to find and how to grow the best talent sources, and data model governance. Excellent way to send a few hours...”

    Michael Versace, Digital Strategy, Global Research, IDC

  • "The Experience Success Roundtable in Los Angeles was a great opportunity to meet decision-makers in a critical business space and get candid feedback on how they're solving problems. The way the Corinium people set up the space and the environment made it very easy to connect, as well. Really, a great event."

    Matt Lawler, Director of Digital Media, Global Partnerships, AEG Worldwide

Apply to Attend

Our Roundtables are strictly invitation-only. Please apply to attend, and your application will be reviewed.
We aim to reply to your application within 2 business days.
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